Portable Hand Sanitizer

We are all facing challenging times at present but when things start to get back to some kind of normality, we will still need to take extra care to protect ourselves when entering public places like shops, supermarkets, restaurants, takeaways, hairdressers, barbers, schools etc  … the list is endless.

Wheeliebox offer transparent, automatic, touch-free, floor standing Sanitizer dispensers that can be moved to any location, any doorway or entrance, offering an easily accessible and low-maintenance hand hygiene solution for public access locations.

The Sanitizer is dispensed from a generous 1.1 litre capacity container, ensuring a constant flow of Sanitizer and protection for your customers.  A quick glance is lets you know  when the unit needs topped up with Sanitizer.  The dispenser can be used with batteries or mains power.

The floor mountable design can be adapted to suit a wide range of locations where is it imperative to prevent the spread of bacteria or viruses like COVID-19.


  • Refillable bottle (1200ml)
  • Lockable with window design to check level
  • UV disinfection kills virus on the hand
  • Supports DC or  battery operaton
  • Battery can dispense over 30,000 doses of sanitizer before replacement
  • Light indicator to warn of  low power
  • Leakage detection sensor